Treatment And Consultation



Super Specialty Centre for:

» Endourology-Stones ,Prostate & Urinary diseases

» Pediatric urology and fistula

» Transplant, Kidney failure

» Male sexual dysfunction and infertility

» Cancer and reconstructive surgery


Our Expertise in:

» RIRS-No hole, No scar but assured stone removal thro’ Flexible ureteroscope & holmium laser with single day hospital stay

» PCNL and Mini PNL-Series of more than 5000 cases untill the year 2019 of kidney stone removal endoscopically

» TURP (TransUrethral Resection of Prostate) – Direct vaporisation of prostate through plasmakinetic energy: safest treatment for ageing male.


World’s Advanced Technology:

» Holmium Laser

» Plasmakinetic Energy:

» Direct vaporisation of prostate: Safest treatment for senior citizens

» Flexible and Miniature Endoscopes

» Computerised Uroflow & Urodynamic Lab

» Pneumatic Lithotripsy

» Laparoscopy