Your expectations are our inspiration setting performance standards for Relieving Stone Agony, Solving Prostate Problem or Functioning Sexual Dysfunction. Consultant Urologist Dr.Rajesh Kukreja believes in offering unmatched quality, cutting edge technology and a new experience of urological care. Egged on by this philosophy, Since 2005 UROCARE has evolved in both value and stature.  

The Expertise

    • RIRS- No hole, No scar but assured stone removal thro’ Flexible ureteroscope & holmium laser with single day hospital stay
    • PCNL and Mini PNL-Series of more than 3500 cases until the year 2015 of kidney stone removal endoscopically
    • TURP (TransUrethral Resection of Prostate) – Direct vaporisation of prostate through plasmakinetic energy: safest treatment for ageing male.


World’s Advanced Technology

  • Holmium Laser
  • Plasmakinetic Energy –Direct vaporisation of prostate: Safest treatment for senior citizens
  • Flexible and Miniature Endoscopes
  • Computerised Uroflow & Urodynamic Lab
  • Pneumatic Lithotripsy