Dr.Rajesh Kukreja was allotted meritorious academic seats throughout his educational career. He was bestowed with the H.S.Bhat Gold medal by Past President of India Dr.Abdul Kalam for standing first in the country in Urology.


He continues to be recognized as invited faculty nationally and internationally may it be for deliberations or live demonstration of surgeries. To know more about it visit



The surgeons across the globe often visit Dr. Kukreja to get insight of urology techniques. One of the Doctor from South Africa, Dr. Leornado Vigna visited and Commented –


“It is a great pleasure for me to say some words about UROCARE center in India. This is small private clinic very efficiently organized and with an excellent staff who all are very cordial and cooperative.

This clinic is run by Dr. Rajesh Kukreja a highly qualified Urologist.

He has become famous in India and abroad for the treatment of Urinary Stone and for being one of the very good Prostatic Resectionist.

I came to see him from Africa because he has mastered the surgical techniques and does it without complications.

Dr. Kukreja is well connected with several hospitals where he admits his patients according to their financial capacity select the hospital which they like or able to afford .

To be treated in this UROCARE clinic has the advantage of being seen by the superspecialist before, during and after the surgery which is not so in larger hospitals where many other doctors are raking call of the patient.

During my 3 weeks of visit to UROCARE I have seen more than 18 PCNL, more than 5 Ureteric Stone Removal, bladder stone and more than 10 TURP all of them done perfectly well and Without any Single complication due to procedure. Therefore I highly recommend this clinic to any patient who has Urinary Stones and suffers of Prostate problem.”